Scientific journal articles concerning SUDEP

Numerous SUDEP-related articles are published in scientific journals that can be found at your local science/medical library.  For a listing of these articles, see the research bibliography.  Those available online are detailed, in date order, below.

Articles available online:

Explaining the Unexplained; Expecting the Unexpected: Where Are We With Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy?
Donner EJ (2011), Epilepsy Currents 11(2), 45-49, American Epilepsy Society.

Epilepsy Mortality and Risk Factors for Death in Epilepsy: a population-based study
Research article by Ridsdale L, Charlton J, Ashworth M, Richardson MP & Gulliford MC (May, 2011), British Journal of General Practice e271-278.  Funded by Epilepsy Bereaved, who comment the study "shows that epilepsy mortality is rising and that information routinely collected by GPs could be used to help save lives."

The Long-term Risk of Premature Mortality in People with Epilepsy
Neligan A, Bell GS, Johnson AL, Goodridge DM, Shorvon SD & Sander JW (2011), Brain 134(2), 388-395, Oxford University Press.

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: This Rare Disorder is a Call to Arms for Doctors and Patients to Control Seizures
Wilner A (2010), Neurology Now 6(6), 24-26, American Academy of Neurology.

SUDEP: A Resource for Health Care Professionals and Researchers
Nauen DW (2010)

Epilepsy and the Heart
Rugg-Gunn FJ & Holdright D (2010), British Journal of Cardiology 17(5), 223-9, MediNews Ltd.

What Can Be Done to Reduce the Risk of SUDEP?
Scorza FA, Arida RM, Terra VC & Cavalheiro EA (2010), Epilepsy & Behavior 18, 137-138, Elsevier Ltd.

Too Long or Too Short? New Insights into Abnormal Cardiac Repolarization in People with Chronic Epilepsy and its Potential Role in Sudden Unexpected Death
Surges R, Taggart P, Sander JW & Walker MC (2010), Epilepsia 51(5), 738–744.

Advances in Detecting, Monitoring and Preventing Seizures
Talan J (2010), Neurology Today 10(6), 11-12, AAN Enterprises Inc.

Breathing New Life into the Fight against SUDEP
Hirsch LJ (2009), Epilepsy Currents 9(5), 137-139, American Epilepsy Society.

Epilepsy and Sudden Death: personal reflections and call for global action
Lathers CM (2009), Epilepsy & Behavior 15, 269-277, Elsevier Ltd.

Report of the American Epilepsy Society and the Epilepsy Foundation Joint Task Force on Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy
So EL, Bainbridge J, Buchhalter JR, Donalty J, Donner EJ, Finucane A, Graves NM, Hirsch LJ, Montouris GD, Temkin NR, Wiebe S, Sierzant TL (2009), Epilepsia 50(4), 917-922, Blackwell Publishing Inc.

Epilepsy: A 'Going Ape' Model for SUDEP?
Striano P & Zara F (2009), Nature Reviews Neurology 5, 639-640, Nature Publishing Group - a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: risk factors and potential pathomechanisms
Surges R, Thijs RD, Tan HL & Sander JW (2009), Nature Reviews Neurology 5, 492-504, Nature Publishing Group - a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: current knowledge and future directions
Tomson T, Nashef L & Ryvlin P (2008), The Lancet Neurology 7(11), 1021-1031, Elsevier Ltd.

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
Johnston A & Smith P (2007), Expert Rev. Neurotherapeutics 7(12), 1751-1761, Expert Reviews Ltd.

Risk Factors in Sudden Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP): the quest for mechanisms
Nashef L, Hindocha N & Makoff A (2007), Epilepsia
48(5), 859–871, Blackwell Publishing Inc.

SUDEP Aware thank the publishing houses for generously making these articles available to the public and thereby helping to improve awareness and understanding of SUDEP.