Several families impacted by SUDEP are working hard to help improve awareness of epilepsy/SUDEP:

Abbie's Love (2007, UK) - Mission: to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy.

Caroline Cunningham Foundation for Epilepsy (2009, Canada) - Mission: to provide much needed funding for research into SUDEP, to raise SUDEP awareness and education.

CeCe Cares Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation (2011, USA) - Mission: to provide comfort to children diagnosed with pediatric epilepsy, help families burdened with the high cost of medical care and fund research focused on finding a cure. 

Chelsea Hutchison Foundation (2010, USA) - Mission: to help individuals with epilepsy, to raise funds for seizure-alert dogs and to make those living with epilepsy aware of SUDEP.

Danny Did Foundation (2010, USA) - Mission: to prevent deaths caused by seizures.

Emma Bursick Memorial Fund (2011, USA)

Epilepsy Grief (2010, Australia) - Mission: to ensure that everyone with epilepsy, along with their carers, are given all pertinent information about their condition and are allowed to put preventative measures in place to hopefully avoid and prevent SUDEP from occurring.

Jessica Green Foundation Inc (2008, USA) - Mission: to provide support, through fundraising and other means, to organisations engaged in fulfilling the Jessica Green Foundation's vision and to provide families of those who have loved ones with autism with various kinds of assistance.

Joseph Gomoll Foundation (2010, USA) - Mission: to raise money for research, treatment and support of those affected by epilepsy.

Joshua David Chapnick Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder Fund at Mission Healthcare Foundation, Inc. (2010, USA) - Mission (in part): .. educates, increases awareness, and provides financial assistance for families and patients with epilepsy and seizure disorders. ...strives to eliminate the negative stigma that is associated with epilepsy.

Kim's Crabapple Project (2008, USA) - Mission (in part): to raise funding and awareness for Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and SUDEP.

Maggie Feiss Fund & Endowment for Baltimore (2009, USA) - Mission: to support people with epilepsy, and help the causes Maggie worked hard for and cared deeply about.

Tyler J Stevenson Memorial Scholarship Fund (2011, USA) - Mission: to provide scholarship support to undergraduate students with epilepsy at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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