In 2005, Epilepsy Australia and Epilepsy Bereaved UK published the book Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: a global conversation.  An updated edition 'continuing' the global conversation was published in 2011, with SUDEP Aware joining the editorial partnership.  Both editions are available online from the SUDEP Global Conversation website at:

    Launch Press Release (Aug 2011)

    Distribution Press Release (Dec 2012)

Photo: Book cover


This volume, six years after the first edition of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: a global conversation was introduced, brings the field forward by leaps and bounds.  Both the editors and authors should be congratulated for this very informative and valuable publication.

Solomon L Moshé MD

President, International League Against Epilepsy

SUDEP is now a growth area in epilepsy research.  However, much remains to be done on prevention and risk communication.  This new edition of the global conversation is a welcome resource to assist in the challenge to reduce epilepsy deaths.  I congratulate the editors and all of the authors on this latest production.

Mike Glynn

President, International Bureau for Epilepsy