About the Campaign

The campaign is a collaboration of individuals and organizations working together to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of SUDEP
  • Ensure accurate information is publicly available
  • Encourage discussion of mortality in epilepsy
  • Champion the need for increased resources towards research and support
  • Improve the identification of SUDEP deaths
  • Generate action in support of the campaign to bring about change

This is being achieved through:

  • Mobilizing and pooling resources from healthcare, academic and advocacy groups
  • Developing and distributing information about SUDEP
  • Creating tools that will aid SUDEP education and its discussion

All campaign-related questions and correspondence can be directed to the campaign's administration team, headed by Tamzin Jeffs in Canada and Emma MacDonald in the US.

Campaign Goal

The Making Sense of SUDEP campaign raises awareness of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.  Awareness is the first step in determining the cause and prevention of SUDEP.