Help us Make Sense of SUDEP

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DOWNLOAD and DISTRIBUTE the new Making Sense of SUDEP campaign eBrochures, specifically written for:

Photo: SUDEP Brochures- People with epilepsy

- Young adults with epilepsy

- Parents of children with epilepsy

- People bereaved by epilepsy


- Healthcare providers


These are the first components of the campaign's SUDEP eToolkit, a tool designed to improve understanding of SUDEP and to facilitate its discussion between families, healthcare providers, death investigation professionals and researchers.

Now available in FRENCH & SPANISH


Future brochures, available soon, will include information for:
- Death investigation professionals

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READ and FORWARD ON articles by leading SUDEP experts and touching tributes from families bereaved by epilepsy in a new online book "SUDEP: continuing the Global Conversation."



SHARE your story with othersTell us who in your life has inspired you to Make Sense of SUDEP and what actions you're taking to help increase awareness.




PURCHASE AND DISTRIBUTE purple/red blended silicone campaign bracelets locally, to your family, friends, work colleagues; at fundraisers, information sessions, educational events; and especially during Epilepsy Awareness Month and Purple Day (March 26th).


Help encourage the discussion of SUDEP - email us to order yours today!


Photo: MSOS bracelets

PURPLE, the colour for epilepsy

RED, the warning to take heed of SUDEP.







SPREAD THE WORD and help break the silence around SUDEP.  If you know people with epilepsy:

- Talk with them about SUDEP

- Encourage them to discuss SUDEP with their healthcare provider

- Advise them to reduce their risk of SUDEP, and the number of seizures, through:

· Taking prescribed anticonvulsant medications regularly and reliably

· Identifying and avoiding seizure triggers and

· Regularly evaluating their epilepsy with their heathcare team


GET INVOLVED.  This is a team effort and your help is much needed.  Let us know the:

- Skill sets you have to offer

- Ideas you have as to how to make people more aware of SUDEP

- Media, government or other contacts you have who could help the campaign

- Fundraisers you'd like to hold in support of the campaign